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2 New Offer Walls!
Published on May 18th, 2022 03:52 pm

We have added SkippyAds and WallOffer offer walls under our Offers & Surveys for all 3 sites.

Besides many offers and surveys, you can also find PTC ads, shortlinks, and videos!

Direct referral commission is the same as for other offer walls up to 25%

Buy direct referral, get rented referral for FREE!
Published on May 12th, 2022 05:21 pm

?? Buy any amount of direct referrals and we credit the same amount of rented referrals to your account for FREE??

Offer valid throughout all our sites for 1 week, until the end of 19th May 2022.

(With this promotion you can go over your direct and rented referral limits both)

Published on Apr 19th, 2022 08:37 pm

All memberships (except "Clicker Membership") are discounted 20% OFF!

Offer valid until the end of 30th April 2022.

4 required clicks will be required again from 1st May!

Will be not applying TOS#6.1 to members from Ukraine until further notice.

Published on Mar 16th, 2022 03:21 pm

TheGrid & Offer Walls added!
Published on Mar 15th, 2022 08:52 pm

TheGrid is live! Every click wins!

Also, ClixWall and offer walls have been activated, Clixwall has PTC ads+Tasks+ Offers 

Required clicks switched off!
Published on Feb 26th, 2022 09:31 pm

We decided to switch 4 required clicks off until March 27th on all of our 4 websites.

People may have more important things to do in current times.

I will let you know a few days before March 27th if it needs an extension or we switch it back on.

Stay Safe!

Dogecoin added & Coin withdraw fees dropped!
Published on Feb 23rd, 2022 04:32 pm

We have added the Dogecoin option for deposits and withdrawals.

AirTM will be processing our coin withdrawals, which helped us to drop the withdrawal fee to $0.50+5% for all coins!

Please note, Bitcoin minimum withdrawal is currently set to $30 !

Coin deposits will be switched to automatic in the next upgrade (Summer 2022).

Now you can also choose the amount you want to withdraw (before you had to withdraw the whole account balance).

Referral Subscription & upcoming features!
Published on Feb 19th, 2022 10:16 pm

We have renamed "Direct Referral Pool Tickets" to "Referral Subscription" and given it fixed values, to simplify the system and make it more understandable to our users!

Buying Referral Subscription helps you to get referrals up to 50% cheaper than buying directly!

Buying referrals directly(instantly) costs you $1 per referral, buying Referral Subscription you will pay the following prices:

4 Referrals within a month for $3 = $0.75 per referral.

40 Referrals within a month for $25 = $0.625 per referral.

400 Referrals within a month for $200 = $0.50 per referral.

*When using Referral Subscription, referral limits do not apply, so you can get unlimited referrals while being a Free member for example.


We will soon introduce some new features along with "CashBack" & "Referral Boost" features.

If you are not familiar with these features yet, then these are already live in GrandClick!


Multilingual Forum!
Published on Jan 24th, 2022 02:05 am


Multilingual Forum!

We have added some extra languages to the forum to match our other sites.

Wall of Fame
Published on Jan 24th, 2022 02:05 am

We have set live "Wall of Fame" on all 3 sites. It shows the TOP25 referrers and TOP25 referral commission earners.

If you would like to hide your username, you can do so from "Personal Settings".

It will be displayed also on the home page when a new design will be installed. 

Design install will start tomorrow!