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Quanto se ganha com os referidos?

Started by mungunhosa 2013-10-29 at 08:05
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Algo chamou muito a minha atenção neste site, ele tem os referidos mais baratos de todos os tempos.
Ora, ainda não comprei nenhum. Gostaria de saber se é sustentável, se alguém já alugou, quanto é que se ganha com um referido alugado. Já que com os cliques se ganha muito pouco. e gostaria de perceber a questão dos referidos alugados grátis.
Alguém me ajude!

Sorry . I will write in English.

We don't have high value ads yet. We are in the beginning . We will add more ads in the future after we get advertisers.

So, if you rent referrals with us and pay $ 0.2 for one referral like other site, you will lose. We made calculations and found out that we have to lower the price of rented referrals. We made it $ 0.1 , then again thought referrals need to be 100% active for you to gain profit. This can't happen at all because these are real humans. They come register and many after few days get busy and leave.

We made the price $ 0.05 only for one referral for standard members. This is cheap because we don't have many ads yet.

Don't add funds. We don't want your money. We want you to click ads and make some balance, then from that rent referrals.

Don't recycle referrals. Those inactive leave them until they expire and extend those active for very short period only. Make is 15 days only or maximum 30 days. Then when you have more money in your balance , rent more and keep growing . In few months, you will find out that you have good balance and good number of referrals.

We didn't open this site to take your money. We want to take the money from advertisers . We will tell this to all advertisers and members. We also have cheap ads value. Come here and advertise. Our members will click your ads . we have good members . They will join your site. We will pay you all when you reach $ 1 if you want. We recommend that you make it bigger amount like $ 3 because Paypal and payza will take money from you when we send, so withdraw big amount only.

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